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UFO believer: We're not the only ones – Dubuque Telegraph Herald

Sunday 31, 2009

UFO believer: We're not the only onesDubuque Telegraph Herald, IAMarcel Jr., the author of "The Roswell Legacy," was one of several guest speakers at this weekend's Out of This World UFO Conference at Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa in Galena. Marcel Sr. was a US Air Force intelligence officer, a major, …

Belarus: UFO reported by villagers – Allnewsweb.com

Sunday 31, 2009

Belarus: UFO reported by villagersAllnewsweb.com, Australia… 29 one of the two witnesses. 'It was shaped like a sphere and was very bright. My skeptical girlfriend says it could have been anything really, an airplane or a very bright spotlight' noted Sergey 'However I think that perhaps it was a UFO'.

Thirty-nine years and 6,000 columns after he started, Angus Lind holsters his golden quill and rides away (New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Sunday 31, 2009

Beloved columnist on heading off into the sunset

Fwd: UFO mystery centers around Iowa pond

Sunday 31, 2009

UFO mystery centers around Iowa pond Iowa is not the first state that comes to mind when thinking of UFO traffic. In fact, it’s not even in the top 40 – but

Couple spot UFO over Luton – Bedford Today

Sunday 31, 2009

Couple spot UFO over LutonBedford Today, UKA couple of Luton stargazers were left mystified when they spotted a series of bizarre bright lights hovering over the town. John Kane and his partner Dora were in the garden of their High Town home shortly before 1am on Sunday, May 24, when they saw …

UFO Hunters fans urge History Channel to keep show – Examiner.com

Saturday 30, 2009


UFO Hunters fans urge History Channel to keep showExaminer.comAccording to UFO Magazine, “There is no official word yet, but there is a chance that UFO Hunters may be canceled and not return for season 4.” In response to concerns of cancellation, UFO Hunters fans have been signing an online petition to urge the …

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