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Michael Cohen: Government UFO secrets revealed – Allnewsweb.com

Saturday 30, 2009


Michael Cohen: Government UFO secrets revealedAllnewsweb.com, AustraliaI have been researching the UFO phenomena for around four years although lately it has become something of an obsession. Lately I have been doing a fair amount of radio interviews on the topic concentrating specifically on what I know and have …

Can a harmless UFO obsessive stricken by autism be saved from 70 … – Daily Mail

Friday 29, 2009

Can a harmless UFO obsessive stricken by autism be saved from 70 …Daily Mail, UKBy Geoffrey Wansell The fate of self-confessed 'bumbling computer nerd' and UFO spotter Gary McKinnon – who faces extradition to the US and a possible 70-year prison sentence after hacking into 97 military and Nasa computers – hangs in the balance. …


Friday 29, 2009

*ROSWELL DEBRIS CONFIRMED AS EXTRATERRESTRIAL: Lab Located, Scientists Named * http://www.ufodigest.com/news/0509/ROSWELL-DEBRIS.php [Non-text portions of this

UFOs spotted in the Himalayas and Thailand

Friday 29, 2009

*Himalayas: Australian tourist witnessed a UFO at close range* http://www.allnewsweb.com/page6876874.php Michael Cohen m.cohen@… Allnewsweb has

Extraterrestrial bases and contact revealed in Italy

Friday 29, 2009

A new book details the history of a mysterious group of human looking extraterrestrials that established underground bases in Italy and met with local residents between 1956 and 1978. The author of Mass Contact, Stefano Breccia, is a well regarded Italian UFOLogist with an electrical engineering background who has taught at several Italian and foreign [...]

UFO caught on film in Canadian brothers’ documentary

Friday 29, 2009

It may be the first time that a UFO has been captured on video during the making of a UFO documentary. Airing next week on VisionTV’s documentary anthology series “Supernatural Investigator” is the Gray brothers’ latest film, “The White Mountain Abduction”. The subject of the film is Betty and Barney Hill, the first [...]

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