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ufos: Why all the secrecy? – Examiner.com

Monday 31, 2009


ufos: Why all the secrecy?Examiner.comIn the interview he states flatly, "…what has happened is over 60 years, we've had this massively important UFO phenomenon that a number of people have …

Latest UFO sightings include bullet-s… – Examiner.com

Monday 31, 2009

Latest UFO sightings include bullet-shaped object in Ohio, amber …Examiner.comIowa – August 31, 2009 – Witness noticed a very bright star-like object in the western sky at 3:30 am this morning. The light appeared to change colors, …

Physics UFO Research

Monday 31, 2009

I recently asked theoretical physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti for suggestions as to how Ray Stanford might get his excellent scientific research on Anomalous Aerial Objects published in academic peer reviewed publications.

REMINDER EVENT: UFO Watchtower Campin… – Examiner.com

Monday 31, 2009

REMINDER EVENT: UFO Watchtower Camping and UFO lookout!Examiner.comCamping, cookout, enjoyable company and possibility of seeing UFO's. Good event for UFO enthusiasts, families, singles, couple and aliens! …

How The World Handles The Unknown

Monday 31, 2009

How does the world handle the unknown? That is easy to answer. The world handles it with laughter, scary fun, make believe and of course by handing it all to Hollywood so they can make movies of all that unknown stuff that frightens us so it can simply be tossed off as fantasy.

UFOs and VITAMIN C – Linus Pauling’s Flying Saucer Secret

Monday 31, 2009

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling -physicist, chemist and controversial advocate of Vitamin C therapy- was a secret UFO researcher who authored intriguing confidential studies on the flying saucer phenomena. Recently acquired information also reveals that Pauling may have provided his technical expertise to Battelle Memorial Institute in the study of Roswell-like memory metal in [...]

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