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Monday 16, 2009

Extra-Terrestrial And Alien Spirituality And Religion

During the course of the last six months, I have been privy to some unusual and powerful information, dealing with the supernatural and spiritual nature, beliefs, and what we here in this world would call, the spiritual practices of those beings that are popularly called, aliens or extra-terrestrial life. This information comes to me from sources so high, connected, credible, authorized, and authentic that should I even be so bold , or perhaps so stupid, as to tell you of my sources on this matter, at least to any identifiable degree, you would either immediately doubt my sanity or dismiss outright all that follows as simply so much gibberish, perhaps out of nothing more, or less, than your sheer disbelief of its factual or actual possibility. With that understanding out of the way, I can only say that the material presented and elaborated on in what follows was given to me without any hint or mention, at least to my understanding, of any type of restraint or editorial review for final editing or abridgement before I wrote what now appears before you in print.

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