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Maine UFOs seen on 17-minute video

Friday 24, 2009

A Newport, Maine, witness captured more than 17 minutes of video of three UFOs in the sky on March 10, according to a witness report from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.
Two videos were posted by the witness on YouTube April 23.
The object at times appears to be a bright round light, and then as [...]

UFOs and public safety: Firefighter manual explains risks

Saturday 11, 2009

What do public safety officials and the general public have a need to know about possible unidentified flying objects (UFOs)?
One aspect of the phenomena that may be important involves the possible dangers of “close encounters” with these objects, craft or energy anomalies.
According to a 1992 firefighter training book, A Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control, [...]

Garden State UFO hoax video

Friday 3, 2009

Christopher Russo, 29, and his friend Joseph Rudy, 28, admitted to concocting the prank on a series of Internet videos, Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said. They posted the videos on theĀ eskeptic website.
“Here we have five flares and five weather balloons, about to do our little hoax and see if we can get some attention [...]

Seti and the wow signal

Wednesday 1, 2009

For those who don’t know, the SETI already caught some stange radio signal coming from space.

Countdown to Doomsday – Alien Attack?

Wednesday 1, 2009

Always interesting to watch a show that interview scientific about how bad would be an alien invasion… for us

Knowing – The trailer

Tuesday 24, 2009

Without spoiling the movie, If you consider that God and Alien could just be the same person: Run to see this movie. You will like it!

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